miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012


Intenta resolver estos problemas de matemáticas en inglés:

1.- Molly has got five boxes. In each box there are twenty nine rubbers.
         How many rubbers has Molly got?

2.- There are one hundred owls and fifty nine elephants at the circus.

         How many animals are there?

3.- There are forty six grasshoppers in classroom A.
There are ninety nine grasshoppers in classroom B.

       How many more are there in classroom B than in     classroom A?

4.- There are twenty six books in the house.
     There are sixty seven lamps in the house.
     There are eighteen sofas in the house

        How many books are there in the house?

5.- There are seventeen apples in shop 1

     There are seventy two apples in shop 2
    There are ten apples in shop 3                                 

           How many apples are there in the shops?

6.- Bruce has got twenty snakes, Garth has got nine giraffes and the teacher has got seven pandas

          How many animals have they got?

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